3 Essential Tips to Remember When Visiting a Display Homes

Visiting display homes is a great way to see what the finished product looks like, but there are 3 essential tips to remember when visiting a display home. We will get to those in a minute, but the first thing is first. You need to understand that a display home is built with extra care and is filled with everything that makes a home great. 

Do not ever doubt that all those things in the display home have not been hand-picked to help make sales. You need to take the time to write a list of everything that you need from a home because if you have it in front of you when you walk through the doors, you can get right down to business. 

Afterward, you can take the time to admire everything in the home and see how it all flows together. You can even picture your things in place of the ones there, but only after you have decided that the display home may work as your own. Now, let’s take a look at those essential tips to remember so you can get the most out of your visit.

  1. Does The Floorplan Work – The most important thing to consider is whether the floor plan will work for your needs. It may look great, and you think you could make it work, but that is not what building a home is all about. You want a home that works for you and makes you happy every time you walk into it.
  2. Is The Quality Good – Check around the house in spots that generally do not get much attention, such as in the corners of the closets and around the floorboards where the walls meet the floor. You can guarantee that if the quality in the display homes is not up to snuff, the house the contractor builds for you will not be as high quality as you want it to be. The display model has had extra care put into it in an attempt to promote sales, so it should throw up red flags if you see something that you shouldn’t see.
  3. Is The Price Right – You already have an idea of how much money you are planning to spend on a home, or you might even have a budget drawn up that goes along with the amount of the loan that you have qualified for, so the price of the home needs to be less than that. You also need to weigh the cost of the building compared to the finished project. If you are expecting a three-bedroom home, but the builder only offers two bedrooms for the price, you need to keep looking for a home builder that will meet your needs.

A display home is built for two main reasons. One is to promote sales for the particular home builder that designed and put it all together. The second is to show potential customers what they are going to get. Of course, if you have a different idea in mind, you can discuss it with the builder and see what they have to say. 

For example, if the display home only has a one-car garage, but you need it to fit two vehicles, the builder should be able to extend the garage out to accommodate the request. Of course, there are a few variables involved with changing things, like having the room to do it and the extra cost that will be added onto the final price, but that is why you need to sit down with the builder and discuss all the details before you sign a contract with them.

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