Mission Statement
The Meeting Place and Resource Center for Black Women is a National organisation based in Zurich. The Center serves as a platform for carrying issues concerning Black Women, their families, their integration process, and their interaction with society.

Aims and Objectives
Offering a safe space
Mobilizing and empowering Black Women
Challenging sexist and racist stereotypes by emphasising positive images of Black Women
Networking and linking up with other institutions locally, nationally and internationally
Educating, consulting and sensitising society

Manessestrasse 73 – CH-8003 Z??rich – Tel. & Fax: 01′ 850 75 33
E-Mail: info@BlackWomensCenter.ch

Find them here on the Internet.

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  1. Robyn McMaster, PhD

    Hi, I’m a friend of Jim Walton and he tagged your blog as one of his favorites. So here I am checking it out because I enjoy the flavor of Europe, too!

    All the best with your blog.

  2. Black Woman in Europe

    Thanks Robin! It’s so nice to see you here. And thank Jim for me too. Take care.

  3. Black Woman in Europe

    Update on the Meeting Place and Resource Center for Black Women in Switzerland:

    Rashunda from the Soul Sister in Siwtzerland blog (http://www.rashundatramble.com) said she tried contacting them a year ago to no avail. An email I sent came back underliverable.

    If anyone can go by there and check it out please let me know what you find!

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