July marks the official launch of Adapt by Adjoa Osei, an exclusive and rare collection from London’s newest designer of the same name.

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Adjoa Osei’s capsule collection, Adapt is an effortlessly chic array of hand finished jersey vests, loose fitting tops and bright maxi skirts all emboldened with a signature woven West African print detail.

The key focus of the both the collection and the brand is to enhance everyday pieces with African print, creating an ‘experimentally classic’ look for women who appreciate well placed accents of colour and detail without compromising on their simple, clean lined staples.

Adjoa Osei is not about seasonality, trend or shock factor but about intertwining signature West African print detail into the fabric of every day silhouettes making it accessible to everyone.

Adjoa Osei is about timeless, ever wearable pieces so you won’t find any clichéd tributes to ‘tribal’ inspired clothing here.

As the seasons change and garment trends evolve so will Adjoa Osei, creating limited handcrafted( in London), purposefully small collections, all carrying their signature print.

You will know an Adjoa Osei garment when you see it.

Adjoa Osei; ‘Experimentally Classic’.

To view the capsule collection Adapt please visit http://www.adjoaosei.com/#/collection/1/

To register for updates on new collections including the upcoming launch of the Adjoa Osei e-store visit www.adjoaosei.com or follow us on twitter @AdjoaOsei

For pr enquiries please contact info@adjoaosei.com +44 (0)7961 086 050

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