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New issue of Black Expat magazine online now – Asia 2 – Focus on Japan

I work with Reggie and Mark (two former black expats) on the Black Expat online magazine:

Reginald Smith, Editor

Fall 2010 Issue


Dear Black Expats,

Konichiwa tomodachi!

Hello friends!

We hope this issue finds you well. We are happy to bring you a second Asia issue, this time focusing on Japan.

Japan is special for Black Expats for several reasons. First, it is one of the most popular destinations due to both the US military presence and the prominence of English teaching programs such as JET. Second, until recently it was one of the few non-Western modern nations. These two factors have attracted many Black Expats over the years to observe and love the culture and its people. It is also one of the most organized, though I use this term loosely, Black Expat areas where the community centers around a site called Black Tokyo whose webmaster, Eric Robinson, is a topic of one of the articles in this issue.

We hope the interviews in this issue, as well as the living and spending guides, will help any interested in sojourning the Land of the Rising Sun.

Read the latest issue of Black Expat magazine online.

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