I saw it live in Sweden so I am guessing that Obama’s Speech on Race was shown around the world.

I think the right and Clinton camps are kicking themselves for providing this highly visible platform for Obama to talk about race in a way that no other Presidential candidate ever has.

My father taped the speech and I wager to say it was the most important speech of Obama’s career and the entire Presidential race to date.

Talk about playing the cards you are dealt, and winning!


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  1. It was a remarkable speech. I am truly amazed to learn that it was carried live outside of America. That is a sign that he is truly presidential in many ways. He was able to pivot from the Rev. Wright snippets to talk about the entire issue of race relations in America. I’m interested in seeing how people react to the speech…

    peace, Villager

  2. Black Women in Europe

    Yes Villager,

    this speech was bradccast internationally. In my time zone in Europe the scheduled program was World News Asis, and they cut away to show Obama’s speech live.

    The Swedish press praised Obama’s speech. It willl be interesting to see what the US mainstream media reports.

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