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2019 Eurostat digital publication

Eurostat has recently published People on the Move – Statistics on mobility in Europe, a new digital publication showing the latest figures on mobility in Europe through short texts, interactive visualisation tools and infographics. The data focuses on immigration, residence permits, commuting between regions, tourism and transportation.

The new website allows users to compare information among countries, see trends and play with data. It is divided into four chapters, each containing four sections:

  • European melting pot describes the movement of people entering and exiting the EU Member States, including data on residence permits and acquiring citizenship.
  • Studying and working abroad includes data on people studying abroad, education level and working.
  • Trains, planes and automobiles focuses on how people travel to work and elsewhere, whether by car, train, bus, plane or boat.
  • Out and about concentrates on tourism—where people stay and how they get there.

Read the report.

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