Scandinaivan International Fashion Week

May 13 – 15 @ Stockholm Culture House


The Scandinavian International Fashion Week aims to showcase the art of fashion designers from all around the globe. Initially held at the Stockholm City Hall, the event started with 2 catwalk days and ended with a prize award gala dinner. The most outstanding designers, make-up artists, and models were recognized through SIF’s Creative Fashion Award. The award ceremony took place at the Golden Hall, where the traditional dance following the Nobel Banquet takes place.

The Scandinavian International Fashion Week will be followed by annual events, including in each of them, the two driving factors at SIF: Fashion and Charity.

Meet this year’s designers. Tickets are available from this link.


The idea: Scandinavian International Fashion Week aims at showcasing the art of fashion designers from all around the globe. The catwalk is open to innovative designers and brands, who stage their upcoming collections to press, buyers and influencers from across the globe. The catwalk also welcomes new talents, as we believe in opportunities and understand that everything starts with a dream.  ​

The first event was held at the Stockholm City Hall, and started with 2 catwalk days, followed by a prize ceremony on the third day. The idea was to recognize the work of the most outstanding fashion actors, such as designers, make-up artists, and models, at the most prominent prize venue in Stockholm: the Stockholm City Hall.​

Everything starts with a dream

We believe that there is plenty of talent worldwide, but we are also conscious that opportunities are limited… they are just not the same. Our dream at SIF is to reach out to young talents in developing regions, with projects that range from providing training and coaching, to the unique opportunity of competing with their designs. Outstanding creations will be presented in the next edition of SIF. Turning dreams into reality is our ultimate goal.


This year, 10 designers from around the world are flying in to showcase their best designs to compete for this year’s title. Models have been handpicked and trained by SIF’s founder to put their best foot forward. This event was featured in Love for Glam. View the 2022 Look Book

Meet The Founder

Sonja Andersson

SA is a Swedish Brand founded by Sonja Andersson, her specialty is couture. She has had the opportunity to travel to different countries and shown her ability to create luxurious clothes, an ability she inherited from her mother. Sonja Andersson is an entrepreneur and the third generation designer in her family. SA manufacturers couture with Scandinavian “touch”. The idea is to always develop something simple, beautiful, and unique  

Meet the entire team from this link.

Important Details

Dates: May 13 – 15, 2022

Venue: Stockholm Culture House

Tickets: Billetto

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