Caffeine In Skincare: Should You Believe The Buzz?


The love story between Britain and its tea is a tale nearly as old as time itself, but recent trends show that coffee lovers are well on the rise. Studies and surveys show that England’s coffee industry pushed 3 billion in sales last year alone, but drinking a piping cup of great coffee isn’t the only use this nation has found.

You’ve probably heard about women using caffeine in their skincare products before, giving a new definition to cream in your coffee, but does it really work the miracles that so many claim it can? Can it make us sisters look younger, firmer, more radiant? Here’s the truth behind what caffeine can do for your complexion.

The Real Benefits

Just drinking a cup of coffee as a regular part of your diet can perk up your skin, but does that mean you should put it on your skin? As it turns out, the answer is a resounding yes! The secret is in the antioxidants.

When it comes to fighting off free-radicals, antioxidants are champions in the ring. That means that a little coffee in your facial cream can fight the signs of aging caused by UV light and pollution. Add that to the lively jolt caffeine gives the skin, and the end result is a younger looking complexion.

Caffeine is also known to soothe the skin, which is excellent when dealing with inflammation and irritation. So, you might want to share a little of skincare product with your man to keep that chin of his smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Are Eye Creams Safe?

The skincare market offers us hundreds of products to combat dark circles and bags under our eyes, but it’s important to know whether or not these products are safe. When it comes to caffeine, the answer is yes.

Aside from the benefits of antioxidants, caffeine is also known for narrowing blood vessels. It’s what gives you that, “I can take on the world!” sense in the morning after downing a cup. That same jolt can be put into eye creams in order to reduce the appearance of both puffy eyes and dark circles.

Caffeine, sadly, is not a cure-all. The effects are temporary, but can certainly make you shine all day long when used each morning. A word of caution: Don’t use these products at night. They can lead to long-term dehydration, which leads to larger circles and puffy skin.

Moving Away From the Face

Caffeine can be found in more than just facial creams. You can find it in everything from nail products from Pink Gellac to cellulite cures, but what merit do those hold for us women in Britain?

When it comes to cellulite, the same dehydrating properties that you want to avoid in overnight eye creams can actually reduce the amount of fluids in your cellulite tissue. It’s a temporary fix, unfortunately, but one that you might want to consider before heading out on a hot date.

In the same way that caffeine can eliminate dark circles, it also has the ability to calm the redness caused by rosacea. As the blood vessels constrict, the redness disappears. You can also count on those antioxidants to help you avoid flare ups.


Okay, What’s The Catch?

As of this writing, the verdict is mixed on whether or not there are any downsides to using caffeine in skincare products. The only agreed upon con is the amount of caffeine penetrating the skin.

Most products contain a caffeine content well below 1%, but the amount of it entering the skin to work its magic is highly limited. Experts aren’t in an all fired hurry to add more of the substance to our regimens, but the effects described previously are still noticeable.

Does that mean you should apply more? The choice is yours, just beware of signs of dehydration around the eyes. Aside from that, you’re good to go sister.

Drinking vs Applying

Both methods have benefits to the skin, but it doesn’t need to be a competition of which is better. Do both! Just one cup of coffee a day can keep your skin looking younger, boost your metabolism, and keep your inner workings functioning like they should. Extended reading: 25 Science-Backed Health Benefits Of Coffee That You May Not Know.

To reap the full benefits, skip those lattes and creamy, sugary blends. As with everything, black is better baby! It might not taste as nice, but looking younger has to come with some sort of price.

The Verdict is In

With all of these benefits to keep out skin looking luscious, the buzz is absolutely true. Welcome caffeine to the list of A+ skincare ingredients!

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