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Shades of Noir

Throughout history, the migration of different populations has been tied closely with exchange of cultures.

Long before the development of international trade, all people(s) travelled across the globe in search of a better quality of life as immigrants, creating new diasporic cultures around the world; but what for the modern-day ‘Global Nomad’? ( McCaig, 1984)

“Where are you from?” is no longer a simple one worded answer. It is often followed by a city or the name of a country. Where do they belong, and just how big Is the Third Culture Kids (TCK) population?

According to ‘World Expat Population Statistics’ (as of August 2013) – the term ‘Expats’ in this case is not considered to be synonymous with the TCK’s definition because, among other reasons, it is not only the children of expats who spent their developmental years with globally mobile lifestyles – as of 2013, there are 230 million expats compared to 73 million in 1960, making up 3.1% of the global population.

This is an important topic for many to explore, based on the current political and social environment and in the conversation of social mobility, migration and immigration because we live in as the world grows ever-increasingly interconnected.

One world, one heart or global village.

So, do we need a new definition for TCK? If the last definition was created in 1958, then how do we find one and create a new one in 2020 which resonates with the expansion of migrant narratives hereafter.
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