I am proud to share this post from UrbanLife.se that a friend Andy Collins wrote about my girl Germaine’s new music release:


Who are “The Big City Poets”, and where are they really coming from?

A Poetic Trio who do not hesitate to step over any genre or border control. In search of the perfect swing and a nice atmosphere, they are
prepared to do anything. Is it Electronica, Dance music, World beat? We don’t know …

The Big City Poets are a trio of musical souls. All three provide different spices and contrasts aiming to give you a soundtrack that can brighten you up, get you in a dancing mood or relax with a touch of something spiritual.

Germaine Thomas
Germaine Thomas - 1/3 of the Big City Poets

In Germaine Thomas’ voice, you will find a timelessness and a sense that can take you back to the old soul greats. Maybe it is her background in New York gospel choirs that gives warmth and balance to the electronic elements of this music.

Mikael Rosén, with his musical background, contributes his influences from around the world which makes it all swing and makes you want to dance with Fredrik Jacobi Muskos making the third pillar of this Musical Trio. With his roots in Punk, Pop and Rock, Fredrik contributes a nice rock feel in the middle of the dance groove.

The first single, Miracle will be released on November 15th 2011 and the album Life Stories will be released on December 1st 2011.

Really worth a listen.

Listen to Miracle:



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