The Main Tips on How to Write an Essay on Fashion Design More Effectively


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How good are your fashion design essays? Fashion design is one of the broader courses in humanities that offers a lot of opportunities for inquiry.  It is easy to think of fashion as shallow because fads and trends pass. But writing a fashion design essay needs serious research.  Broad research sometimes needs the services of essay writers to help students to order custom essay and get a more complete picture. 

Fashion Design Topics 

Fashion design is much more than a study of how apparel looks. It is also a study of the evolution of culture, societal values, and social status at different periods. It is also a look into different subcultures and their influence on fashion design.

Fashion designs also tie into other disciplines such as art, drama, sociology, and literature. This means that it is not only a fashion design major who can write a fashion design essay.  There is also the historical element of fashion design, and how it has been used to make political statements. 

Fashion design majors have varied topics they can write about fashion in topics

#1 Fashion history 

  • The Edwardian influence on fashion in the early 20th century 
  • The impact of World War II on fashion in the 40s 
  • How the Hippie movement influenced today’s dressing 
  • Christian Dior’s New Look and its influence in 50s power dressing 
  • Children’s clothing in the 80s 

#2 Costume design 

  • The role of fashion in drama and theatre 
  • The theatre costume of Irish dancing
  • Changes in fashion cut in the 80s women’s suits 

#3 Interior design 

  • The role of the Art Deco movement in today’s interior design 
  • Design analysis of the American kitchen 
  • The role of perception, psychology, and practice in interior design

There is a lot more you can write about in fashion design essays. It is also a subject with lots of flexibility for creativity.  

Researching Fashion Design 

Unlike other humanities such as history, there are not many texts dedicated to core fashion design. It is a relatively recent field of study, unlike say, economics.  US essay writers rely on alternative sources like fashion magazines and newspapers for research. Films are also rich information sources for fashion design insights.

Structuring a Fashion Design Essay

Structuring your fashion design essay properly makes it easier for the reader to follow your arguments. You can support your hypothesis more credibly and convince the reader.

Start with an introduction to immerse the reader in the topic.  You should be careful to define the scope of your essay. The introduction also has your hypotheses which you will prove or disprove.

Next comes the body of the essay which carries your arguments supported by evidence you gathered in the research phase. Ensure that your arguments flow into each other to make a more coherent essay. An essay will have 2-3 paragraphs.

End your essay with a conclusion. This summarizes your main points and connects them to your hypotheses.  You should aim to provoke the reader to your side of the argument. 

A fashion design essay is challenging to write but is also a good opportunity to explore exciting topics. You can be an effective essay writer if you can master these simple basics. 

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