Aysha Jones

When I took over FÄRG, I was very happy to be able to build on one of Sweden’s most important brands. The fact that the products are something I myself use daily privately and professionally and have myself attended the training at FÄRG ACADEMY only makes it easier and more fun to run FÄRG!

Aysha Jones – 2017 Black Women in Europe® Power Lister

At the end of February 2022, FÄRG was acquired by the entrepreneur, influencer, and opinion leader Aysha Jones and her company By Aysha Jones. Together with the teams from both companies, they plan to take COLOR internationally and revive the educations that have long offered Sweden’s best vocational education for beauty-related courses. With Aysha’s expertise, strong digital presence, and broad network, FÄRG will go from being a brand that is mainly used by professionals to also developing the range to gain ground among consumers.

In public, I am Aysha Jones, founder of Black Lives Matter Sweden and a very loud activist and influencer. But when I’m not in the public eye, when I’m with those closest to me, I’m much more introverted than people might think. I’m loud, I absolutely am and I have many opinions and love to laugh, but I have no need to be at the center. I think many people today look up to me because they have heard my name somewhere, but they stop, follow and listen to me when they see that I am really just an ordinary person, like anyone. I think they might feel that it’s easy to relate to me.

Aysha Jones as told to Elle.se

Learn more about FÄRG. Follow her blog for Swedish Elle.

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