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“Together We Can” Ladies Day October 2013

2inspire ladies day is back!!!

October 19th will see the 3rd edition of the 2inspire ladies day.

A free entry event that showcases businesses and services that meet the needs of women. It will be taking place at the beautiful Old Stratford Town Hall in the heart of Stratford.

The event is an ultimate one-stop shop: It includes a shopping arena, personal, business and lifestyle development workshops, pamper corner, entertainment and fashion show.

Expect this one to be the best yet!



If you would like to attend any of the workshops on the day a one off payment of £5 is essential, please make payment via workshop admission link and then highlight the workshops you would like to attend.


Eating for Success: How to give the body what the body wants

Facilitator:Daniele Pond

Time: 11.30 -12.30 

Daniele Pond of Pure Bliss Cleanse will be holding a workshop on health and nutrition which will look at:

•Learn what the body really needs from your diet.

•The best way to give the body what the body wants.

•Understanding what food does to the body and how the body reacts to certain food grouping.

• How to include more essential foods into your diet and quick preparation tips to cut time spent in the kitchen.

•Confidence in approaching diet changes and feeling enabled to do so.


Media Communications for Business & Pleasure

Facilitator: Valley Fontaine

Time: 12.45-13.45

BBC reporter Valley Fontaine will give you tips on how to get noticed by local media and social media.  Making you aware of the pitfalls of operating in this industry, and what is expected from you, so you can get positive attention without ruining your brand or reputation. This workshop is for those who are self employed or wish to become self employed or for those who simply enjoy social media.

Africans in the diaspora: Widen your opportunities for success

 Facilitator:Jean Snikiwe Chawapiwa

 Time: 14.30-15.30

 Ms Jean Snikiwe Chawapiwa Founder of Win Win Solutions 4 Africa and one of the Founding Associates of Timbuktu9 Africa Consulting Group moved to UK aged 8, grew up & was educated in London. She moved to South Africa 18 years ago, has had phenomenal career success and a great life.

Her Africa career has included holding senior management levels in CSIR, Placer Dome, Barrick Gold ending her corporate career as Vice President External Affairs & Communication Africa in Rio Tinto. Her portfolios included responsibilities in South Africa, Namibia, Guinea, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Cameroon and Tanzania. Her business travel has included many more African countries.

She wants to share her story and those of others like herself, to help open your eyes to this fast land of opportunity & growing markets that is hungry for investment, skills, products and markets for their goods and more importantly actively attracting African’s to come back and play their part in its sustainable growth.

  • IMF forecast “economic growth of 5.4% in 2013 & 5.7% in 2014 for the economies of sub-Saharan Africa; will be among the fastest growing places in the world; second only to developing Asia,”
  • Case studies of Africans who have gone back to Southern, East  & West Africa and their successes
  • Good news Africa don’t just listen to the bad news
  • What to consider when moving to Africa
  • Increasing your network to review opportunities

How to make your business Tick

Facilitator: Usha Penumuchi


Usha Penumuchi of Dare to Dream will be holding a workshop on how to make your business tick which will address issues faced by those in business and also those at a cross roads in their careers. It will look at topics such as

  • Managing your expectations
  • Realising your inner strengths and weaknesses
  • Honing in on your strengths, Making them work for them and those around them
  • Building bridges and breaking barriers
  • Leveraging your confidence and being all rounded


Adopting A Holistic Approach to Hair Care & Hair Loss

Facilitator: Annette Headley of


  • An understanding of the importance of holistic approaches to hair care
  • an awareness of hair loss and nutrition
  • Raise awareness on prevention of hairloss/ achieve optimum wellbeing.
  • Help those dealing with hair loss to find ways that may lead to recovery.
  • Explanations of popular haircare practices and techniques




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