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UK: African Caribbean Business Network Small Business Bootcamp in Oxford

Oxford Business Entrepreneurs Network – Oxford
Will be confirmed on Booking:
Please Note due to system used fees will be
charged in Dollar equivalent of 47.00 GBP = $75.00

January 23, 2010 at 09:00 AM
January 23, 2010 at 05:30 PM

We’re at the beginning of a new decade, and with the economic down turn, many entrepreneurs are at a cross roads as to how they will make it through the end of the decade. We can help set you off in the right direction in the right frame of business mind. So don’t miss out come to our Small Business Bootcamp where you can hear:-

From our secret weapon.. Reena Marla joins the line up on the 23rd January in Oxford Find Out More Reena will tell you “How To Sell And Buy A House For One Pound”. For those looking for additional and passive income – you’ve got to hear what Reena has to say about Options. Known as the Queen of Options – Reena will share with you how to Buy and Sell a house for one pound, with zero mortgage, zero deposit and zero stamp duty…what more could you ask for? Find Out More on Reena’s Cash Flow Nights.

Dr Yvonne Thompson CBE will be sharing with you the secrets of her Seven Success Strategies System, a fast track to marketing your business through your personal profile with minimum investment based on 27 years of success and how she used the system to make and keep her a millionaire. Find Out More

But that’s not all – Sam Onigbanjo Consulting4London, – who raises millions of pounds for small business and organization day in and day out.. will show you what he does, how much he raises and how he does it, so you can do it too.

# Invest in your future for just 47.00 and receive over 2,500.00
worth of advice, information and bonus gifts in one day.Register Now!
# Secure their business future by Maximizing Their Profits With Minimal Investment. Dr Thompson will share with you how with her Seven Secret Success Strategies System.
# Know how to generate funding for start up or existing business. Mr Fund Finder – Sam Onigbanjo will add you to the list of his successful clients who he has already raised millions for
# Start a new business or add to an existing portfolio of businesses. .Reena Marla the Options Queen will show you how to have a passive or full time income by learning to sell and buy houses for just one pound!!
# Experience an exciting, fun packed day that will jump start your decade with the energy you need to boost your business profits.

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