Mary-Frances will present on March 25th at 10:00am on “Managing Diversity, Inclusion and Multiple Identities in future workplaces and marketplaces”. This presentation combines both Mary-Frances Winters’ and Andrés Tapia’s thoughts, insights, findings and work in the field of Multiple Identities. Andrés was WDLS-EU’s eloquent and thought-provoking opening keynote speaker at Europe´s first Summit in 2010.

Mary-Frances Winters
Mary-Frances Winters is president and founder of The Winters Group, a 26 year-old organization development and diversity-consulting firm, specializing in research, strategic planning, training, and public speaking with an emphasis in ethnic and multicultural issues. Dr. Winters has been published in Profiles in Diversity Journal, Diversity Inc Magazine, Executive Excellence Magazine, Society of Human Resource Management’s Mosaics Newsletter, and USA Today. She is the author of three books.

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