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World Diversity Leadership Summit Europe, Vienna 2010, a quick retrospective

The very first World diversity Leadership Summit Europe under the patronage of the Austrian Vice Chancellor and Federal Minister Finance, Josef Pröll took place in Vienna from March 11th-12th 2010. Conference Venues were the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Beatrice Acheleke
Fotos by Dieter Sackl und Villiam Bernuska

WDLS-EU Organiser and Conference Manager Beatrice Achaleke opened the Conference by situating WDLS-EU in global and European context with its enormous challenges and potential. Achaleke concluded by saying WDLS-EU is not only very timely but has the potential to offer new answers to old questions in a very challenging time.

WDLS founder Douglas C. Freeman compared a good diversity concept to a gold mine. “Diversity is not only a financial plus for companies but also represents an enormous increase in human capital for society” he pointed out.

WDLS-EU patron Mr Josef Pröll in his welcome address pointed out amongst others that the future of our ever-aging society lies in diversity.

WDLS EU 2010
Fotos by Dieter Sackl und Villiam Bernuska

Facts and figures in overview

*232 Registered attendees
* 76 High-ranking Diversity thought leaders as speakers
* 96 Participating companies
* 20 National and international organisations
* Excellent combination of Business, policy-making bodies and other stakeholders
* High level representation of Academia, Media, Research etc
* Involvement of high ranking diplomats (Ambassadors of USA, UK and Canada
* Local, regional and global perspectives (Europe, America and Africa)
* Broad selection and combination of keynotes, panels, split-up sessions, and remarks

WDLS-EU 2010 PANELS included:

*Age Diversity
* Gender, Sexual orientation + (Dis)abilities
* Return on Investment
* Recruiting and managing diversity talents
* Demographically changing environment
* Global affinity groups

WDLS EU 2010
Fotos by Dieter Sackl und Villiam Bernuska

Two split-up sessions focused on

1. Supply and marketplace diversity featuring: a) Ethnic minorities
* b) Healthcare
* c) Working parents
1. 2. comparative advantages of European and global diversity and inclusion by 2020 featuring:
* a) Global CSR
* b) Education and Research
* c) Audiovisual, print and social medial networks

Opening Remarks

*Douglas Freeman (WDLS founder)
* Wolfgang Ruttenstorfer ( CEO OMV)
* John Barrett (Ambassador Canada to Austria)
* William C. Eacho, III (U.S. Ambassador to Austria)
* Josef Pröll (Vice Chancellor, Austrian Federal Minister of Finance and WDLS-EU Patron)
* Michael Stuber General Manager, European Diversity Research and Consulting
* Ellen Seßar-Karpp, Chief of Baord, filia diefrauenstiftung
* Carmen J. Smith Vice President Global Strategy, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
* Helmut Naumann (Head of the Department of Economic Policy Vienna Chamber of Commerce and

Selected Keynotes

*Opening keynote by Andrés Tapia (Chief Diversity Officer / Emerging Workforce Solutions Leader
Hewitt Associates)
* Dinner Keynote by Lord Michael Hastings (KPMG ‘s Global Head of Citizenship and Diversity)
* Luncheon Keynote by Hans Jablonski (Economist M.A. & Senior Consultant, Director of Jablonski
Business Diversity
* Closing Keynote by Christian Baldia (Managing Director, Virtcom Consulting)

Special Dinner Guests

* Rudolf Hundstorfer (Austrian Minister for social Affairs and Consumer Protection)
* Helen Pickering (Deputy Head of Mission, Consul General and Director of Trade and Investment,
British Embassy Vienna)
* Simon Smith (Her Britannic Majesty’s Ambassador to the Republic of Austria)
* Reinhold Lopatka (States Secretary Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance)

WDLS EU Embassy reception
Fotos by Dieter Sackl und Villiam Bernuska

What next?

WDLS-EU, Vienna 2010
24th -25 March 2011
Watch out for our call for speakers and registration coming up soon!

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  1. Did you attend?

  2. It is exciting to know we have strong and powerful women in Europe doing their thing.

  3. I was unable to attend this year. Hopefully that won't be the case in 2011.

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