Source: Yeboyah’s Facebook Page

Yeboyah is a Helsinki-based artist, who is currently taking the Finnish music scene by storm. Since her first release, the single Broflake in 2017, she has become one of the most acclaimed live acts and artists in Finland. 2019’s Elovena EP earned Yeboyah a nomination at Finnish Grammys. Her new album is out now.

Yeboyah is also a DJ. How much energy she has! In addition to her music career, Yeboyah is one of the most prominent and visible cultural influencers in Finland. Her work against inequality and injustice has evoked important discussions in Finland regarding systemic racism as well as sexism and racism in Finnish hip hop culture. She is a trailblazer for future artist generations and a true inspiration on the way to a more inclusive, diverse, and safe music scene.

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