Management Seminar: 3 – 4 April, 2009
“Entrepreneurship: Youth Banking and Financial Services”
3 – 4 April, 2009
Bonn – Germany

Access to responsible credit for young entrepreneurs is essential for start-up companies and for the economies. Credit is necessary for start-up companies to smoothen out fluctuations in income, manage increases in expenditure, and to invest in their businesses. This, in turn, drives forward economic growth. The already difficult situation for young entrepreneurs coupled with the current turmoil in the credit market is now constraining access, with severe implications not only for young entrepreneurs themselves but also for the wider economy.

The Seminar aims to give participants the understanding, knowledge and skills to involve all relevant principles for responsible credit and loan provisions from financial institutes. Delegates will be drawn from:
 Entrepreneurs;
 Financial services industries (Micro/Macro Finances and soft loans);
 Regulatory, and
 Investment networks.

Speakers will be nationally, and internationally, renowned experts in their fields. The Seminar will provide an essential information arena for facilitation of loans, concerns, proposed responses and actions to be explained, shared, and understood across all four networks.

The Seminar will be of particular interest to members of the financial industry involved in securing new clients, the development of Corporate Social Responsibility policies and/or with a responsibility for lending policy as it represents a major opportunity to extend stakeholder networks and future developments.

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