Zina Saro-Wiwa is a triple threat: filmaker, writer and musician.

Zina is the founder of AfricaLab. AfricaLab is a production company dedicated to changing the way the world sees Africa through visual media, principally film and art. We produce films and run contemporary art projects that are explicitly designed to populate the world with fresh and fascinating images and stories from Africa’s 53 nations and her diaspora. AfricaLab’s first major project is called This Is My Africa.

View an excerpt:

You can read one of her works of fiction on Sable Lit.

Listen to her music via her MySpace page.

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  1. […] s Share The Story Of Our Lives! placed an interesting blog post on Zina Saro-Wiwa: A triple threat in the UKHere’s a brief overviewClick here to view the embedded video. You can read one of her works of fiction on Sable Lit. BListen/B to her Bmusic/B via her MySpace page. […]

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