Korrine Sky

Korrine Sky is a medical student in Ukraine and the founder of the Africans in Ukraine Education Fund.

Africans in Ukraine Education Fund is dedicated to helping African students who fled the war in Ukraine continue with their education

We aim to promote equal access to education for African students whose studies were disrupted following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. AIUEF aims to ensure that opportunities reach all. By sharing opportunities with the African students who have been affected by the war you can make a positive life-changing impact on the trajectory of their futures.

After facing racism and attempting to leave Ukraine; the students are now in the second phase of their journey to rebuilding their lives.

  • These are the barriers they are facing:
  • High University Fees
  • Inability to get transcripts
  • Systematic Racism
  • Several immigration and visa barriers
  • Infrequent Online Lessons
  • Apathetic governments
  • No Laptops for online studies
  • No long-term accommodation
  • Several enrolment requirements
  • No international transfers from some
  • universities

AIUEF’s mission is to advocate for under-represented students who have tragically had their studies disrupted. We hope through funding, advocacy and support students are able to finish their studies and become highly-qualified university graduates.

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