I received this message yesterday:

Dear friends,

this is Germany???s first antiracist media-watchdog, called ???der braune mob???, looking for some developing aid for our society once again.

Similar to the German UNICEF campaign ???Schools for Africa??? in 2007, where white children were supposed to show solidarity to african children by sporting blackface, we have another recent case now which is taking German blackface advertising to a whole new level.

Check out this clip (click on ???TV-Spot???):


The slogan goes ???damit Sie braungebrannt aus dem Urlaub kommen und nicht Schwarz vor ??rger???
(???so that you return from holidays with a tan and not black from anger???).

Note: ???black from anger??? ist a German saying that???s being used by (white) Germans to this day.

Please find out more about the campaign, the people responsible and how we could use your help and solidarity, here:


Best regards,


der braune mob e.V.
media-watch – schwarze deutsche in medien und ??ffentlichkeit


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  1. Thanks for sharing this craziness. Will people never get a clue?

  2. Well there were 200,000 people, including lots of Germans, out to see Obama in Berlin, buyt it seems that Blackface still sells products.

  3. This ad is absolutely disgusting. Has Germany not progressed beyond 1945?

  4. LorMarie, It’s hard to understand from my point of view.

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  6. I am a black woman and a holistic therapist and Nicotine withdrawal therapist in London. I love my work and update my training very regularly. Working in a leading gym in the city I see so many white women of all ages destroying their skin by using sun beds and failing to exercise caution when out in the sun. I give as much advice as possible as it is my duty to do and I am in a position to see the condition of their skin especially on the back which they cannot see except by a mirror.
    In the end I sometimes see those who have started to suffer and are far from happy with the the way their skin is aging and developing skin diseases. It s clear that by this time they are very angry white women.

  7. Interesting observations Ayodele.

  8. Interesting observations Ayodele.

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