Embracing Our Roots

18 apr 2020 kl. 10:00 – 19 apr 2020 kl. 15:00
One Bowl , Borups Allé 205 , 2400 København
Get tickets here: https://billetto.dk/e/-billetter-411285/select

Amanda Yee, Chef Artist from Berlin + Yema Ferreira, Psychotherapist are holding a two-day workshop intended to reconnect African descent women with themselves and with one another. During these two days, we will engage in healing work to reclaim our identities, cultures, spiritual roots, diasporic food practices, and our union as a people.

As people of African descent, our ancestors have fought for our political and social freedom. We believe that the time for our spiritual release is now and has put this workshop together to provide tangible steps for walking in our birthright. Come explore what it means to reconnect to ourselves and to our Divine Feminine, make intentional connections with others, and walk into the Spring season renewed. 

Chef Amanda Yee, Chef Artist from Berlin will lovingly prepare our meals for the two days. For breakfast, expect an array of fresh plant-based foods created to eat while centering ourselves in preparation for the day or mingling with others. For lunch, she will prepare a buffet style plant-based meal using key ingredients from the African diaspora (please email with any allergies). 

Please note that we are offering partial scholarships and a handful of full scholarships for those unable to pay the full price. If you are able to pay the full price for a ticket, please consider doing so. 

For full or partial scholarships, please write to us at BWholistichealing@gmail.com with a brief description of who you are and your interest in attending our workshop. 


By the end of this two-day workshop you will have:

· (Re) Define your personal identity and commit to continuing to do it throughout your life as you grow and evolve;

· Gain an understanding of yourself beyond the narrative of systemic oppression;

· Deepened your connection to your Black and/or African identity;

· Reconnected with your African spiritual roots;

· Identified internal resources that you want to further develop in the coming years.


April 18th, Saturday: Re-Connecting to Ourselves



Defining Ourselves I: What it Means to Be a Black Woman

Defining Ourselves II: Who Am I?

Lunch Break

Colonialism and Systemic Racism

Reclaiming our History and Culture 

Tuning into Our Intuition

Shared Table: Community Eating

This three-course shared meal will center around the idea of ​​communal eating and sharing. Plant-based foods will be shared family-style around a table as we unwind, build on our connections, and enjoy one another’s company (please email with any allergies).  

April 19th, Sunday: Re-Connecting to The Divine 


African Spirituality 

Cooking and Culture 


Lunch Break

Altar Building

Personal Action Plan

Ending (Libation Ceremony)

About the Organizers

Chef Amanda Yee Chef Artist of Berlin 

With a background and degree in spirituality, Amanda spent the early part of her 20’s traveling the world teaching people how to hear and interpret intuitively. As part of her own journey to return to her spiritual roots, she is conducting a hands-on workshop, which will encourage participants in their own intuitive practices. Whether it’s tarot, clairvoyance, dream interpretation, claircognizance or other traditional African practices, this workshop will help guide you and strengthen your intuitive muscles. Amanda is also a classically trained chef with a degree from Le Cordon Bleu. She has spent years working with foods from the African Diaspora, and will also lead the cooking and culture workshop with the understanding that celebration creates and sustains life.

Yema Ferreira

Yema Ferreira

Yema Ferreira is an Angolan healer trained as a psychotherapist. Her mission is to assist the liberation of Black and African people all over the world through the healing of the collective trauma caused by slavery, colonization, and neo-colonialism. She runs a private practice from Copenhagen, where she is currently based, offering culturally sensitive psychotherapy to black women looking to redefine their identities and embrace their cultural heritage. She sees clients online internationally and face to face in Copenhagen. Find out more at www.yemaferreira.com . 

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