Top 4 Ideal Expat Destinations that Celebrate Diversity


When you take a big life decision like moving to set up home in a new country, the task can be daunting. Yet if you do a little bit of research, you can find plenty of destinations that are very welcome to expats from all backgrounds – while offering some great career opportunities, too.

1. Canada


If you are looking for a great healthcare and social welfare system and lots of jobs opportunities, look no further. Canada often looks for experienced professionals and offers recruitment programs for foreigners – for example, Quebec is currently looking for skilled workers. Canada is widely celebrated as being a pioneer in embracing diversity across North American countries, and as such makes perfect sense for any expat. Locals are renowned for being open, friendly, and polite, while they also love fun and games. Canada is proud of being a strong contender in several sports like ice hockey while the country also boasts a strong online casino industry. You check out the link of website here for more information on the latter. Last but not least, Canada is home to a stunning natural landscape, perfect for hiking and camping when you take a break from work.

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2. Serbia

It’s often associated with the wild temperament of the Balkan region that sometimes carries tension with it but once you dig a bit deeper, Serbia has a different story to tell. Research by the University of Harvard has identified Serbia as the least racist European country, after reviewing a sample of almost 300,000 white Europeans for signs of implicit bias. Serbians are often known to fly off the handle during football matches – but apart from that, they are friendly as can be. Living here is nothing like what you would expect: amazing local cuisine, a vibrant nightlife scene, and lots of peculiar local customs to discover make it a perfect choice for young people looking to live and work abroad, even just for a little while. Serbia may not offer many job opportunities, but there are always options for native English speakers in the tourism industry or as English language teachers.

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3. Brazil

With its multicultural past spilling over into its present identity, Brazil is one of the most welcoming countries to foreigners. Interestingly, it is the country that has the biggest black population segment outside of the African continent – so you will find that many local traditions are often influenced by black culture. That said, there is also a lot that is unknown and surprising about Brazil. From its stunning beaches and coastline to the brimming Amazon communities, there is a lot to explore in the land that gave us the Rio Carnival and the Caipirinha cocktail. With a little bit of research, you can find a lot of internship opportunities across many industries – and with a good Internet connection network that offers an average download speed of over 18 Mbps, Brazil is a great destination for digital nomads.

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4. Singapore

This tiny island nation stands out among its Asian neighbors for being very vocal in its embracement of multiculturalism and diversity. A multicultural society that often has to battle tension between its predominantly Chinese population and Indian and Malay Muslim minorities, Singapore has identified diversity as one of its building blocks right from the start. This has resulted in a welcoming country with a vibrant economy that is geared towards green building and environmentally-friendly entrepreneurship. So if you are an active female entrepreneur or looking to invest in green economy, chances are Singapore is the place to be.

There is something for every taste across the globe, so if you fancy a change of scene in your professional and personal life, just pick a continent and do your research – from Canada to Singapore, there are always countries out there that embrace diversity and make expats feel welcome!

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