Abisara Machold led the second round of the “Identity and Empowerment” workshop at the 1st Black Women European’s Congress in Vienna. She did so with great enthusiasm, often injecting poetry that reflected a point that was raised, and ended by asking all of the participants to hold hands and, one-by-one, to state what the congress meant to them. It was a powerful moment, and I was moved to tears as I was overwhelmed with emotion as I listened to my sisters express what was in my heart: the 1st Black European Women’s Congress created a safe space for us to meet, strategize, share, confirm and validate.

Abisara lives in Berlin and is active in the music world. She participated in popkomm, and in the Pressekonferenz gegen Gewalt im HipHop.

Abisara is involved in the GEGEN RASSISMUS IM DEUTSCHEN HIPHOP campaign.


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