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A man and his 18-month-old son were badly beaten and nearly thrown off a bridge in Malmö in what police are describing as a race-related hate crime.

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Man and toddler beaten up in Malmö hate crime


The assault happened on Sunday (September 8, 2013) night on a bridge when the father was out walking with his son. He was approached by a gang and the attack started when a man assaulted his son and later threatened to kill the boy.

“He insulted them verbally in relation to their skin colour and their ethnicity. And he threatened to kill the boy,”

said Thomas Bull, the head of the police hate crimes unit, to local newspaper Sydsvenskan.

“It’s a hate crime,”

he added.

Police said that the assault unfolded after one of the gang kicked a toy out of the boy’s hand. When the father intervened the 18-month-old was thrown the ground. The father then sustained several blows after an estimated dozen men came running to the scene.

“They beat and kicked his father on the body and the head. When he fell they tried to throw him off the bridge which is about five metres from the street below,”

said Bull.

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