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Mary Lee Sjönell – director and producer in Stockholm and the force behind Copeland.

Mary Lee (Photo: AmCham Sweden)

To make a strong commercial, you need a strong idea. We can help you and your agency to identify and specify exactly what you’re trying to create even if you’re currently working only on a hunch. We can help you find the right references and carry out the required research. We can help you with script development and story telling support, and since we have extensive experience from working with film, we can suggest film-making alternatives that you may never even have imagined.

We know that it can be difficult to plan a commercial, in terms of both budget and time. Problems that you could never imagine will arise. Ask anyone who’s ever been involved in the making of a commercial. That’s just how it is, and it is part of the challenge. However, problems are easier to foresee when you have already experienced and solved them before. copeland has survived the challenges of more than 800 commercials. We know how to spot a weak point before it’s too late. This will save time for your staff and save you lots of money. Take a shortcut to success and smart budgeting. Hire copeland.

Mary Lee

Read about her amazing accomplishments.

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