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A Moving Image : A Film about Gentrification

Tanya Fear
Tanya Fear


A Moving Image is a multimedia feature film about Gentrification in Brixton, incorporating fiction, documentary and performance art.

We follow Nina, a young stifled artist as she returns to her community after a long absence – she is soon painted as a symbol of gentrification and struggles with her complicity.

She forms a three-way relationship with an actor called Mickey and a Nigerian performance artist called Ayo, who both have very different views on the changes taking place in their environment.

During an unnaturally hot summer in London, Nina sets out to create the ultimate piece of art to explore her complex relationship with her community.

In doing so, she poses a tricky question – is she truly part of the problem or can she use her work to be part of the solution?

On her journey, she interviews real members of the community who have been affected by Gentrification, blurring the line between reality and fiction.



Rienkje Attoh
Rienkje Attoh

Rienkje Attoh is a National Film and Television School (NFTS) graduate. While at the school she produced a mix of fiction (The Agreement, The Earth Belongs To No One), animation (Banaroo) and documentary (The Pink House) shorts. She has also co-produced (Hen Pecked), and is currently developing a slate of her productions.
She is one of the three inaugural Prince William scholars supported by BAFTA and Warner Bros. She is mentored by Christine Langan, the head of BBC Films and Chris Law at Warner Bros.

Rienkje has over seven years broadcast experience. She started her career as a journalist at BBC South West in 2006, moving on to produce news and current affairs programmes for TV. In 2009 she moved to BBC London where she produced numerous radio programmes, including The Late Show with Nikki Bedi. She has also worked as a production journalist for ITN and voice artist for Euronews.


Tanya Fear
Tanya Fear

Tanya Fear is a London based actress. She is currently shooting a 10 episode Canal+ crime drama called “Spotless”. She has starred in TV shows such as “Some Girls” The Midnight Beast and upcoming BBC1 comedy Boomers. She is passionate about film and theatre and starred in hit African comedy “The Epic Adventure of Nhamo the Manyika Warrior and his Sexy Wife Chipo” at the Tricycle Theatre. She also starred in US summer blockbuster “Kick Ass 2”.

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