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Interview from The Metro:

You’re 23 but Viva, your character in Some Girls, is 16. Was it weird revisiting your teenage years?

Not really, it was fun. The best thing about playing a teenager is not being embarrassed about the things you say.

Are you like Viva?

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I get the way she relates to her friends, they’re tight-knit. I’m an only child but I’ve got loads of cousins and the way Viva jokes about with her friends is the way I am with them.

Viva and her mates are in a football team – was that a stretch for you?

I wanted to run away from the ball. No, I’m only joking. When I was ten I used to play football and I thought I was really good. These girls are serious players, they want to win – they’ll do whatever it takes. It’s good to see a girls’ sports team on TV, there isn’t enough of that.

Were you always set on an acting career?

When I was 17 I was applying to get into university and I needed extra-curricular activities. The only one I was interested in was drama, so I did some research and found out about Identity. It’s a black drama school in Hackney run by Femi Ogun and it’s great because it’s open to whoever you are, wherever you’re from. You feel very safe there.

Did you drop the degree?

No, I went to Identity twice a week and did a law degree at the same time. It was hard – I knew I wanted to act 100 per cent all the way through.

So what’s next?

I’m in the film version of Gone Too Far, the play by Bola Agbaje that started at the Royal Court and won an Olivier Award. I’m playing Paris, a strong-willed girl who’s at the rough end of a love triangle. She’s very different to Viva – which, for me as an actress, is just great.

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