Hat tip Women of the African Diaspora

Angel Kaba
Photo credit: Chris Pollard

Angel Kaba is a multi-talented creative in Belgium. Here’s what she can do:

Artistic & Creative Director

Overall artistic vision for the project, manage a team of key people and find the right elements, enhancing the client /project (fashion design, ITW, Sport …).  

Staging & Coaching

Set up a plan for the client/project, coaching and awareness of stage potential.

Management & Marketing

Find opportunities, manage contacts & communication, work and make connection with PR & WEB SPECIALISTS, develop the visual aspects for the client / project. 


Creation of choreography and consistency between universe and ideas of the client/project.


Manage and find the budget, fix set and achieve goals, set up a team that manages and/or assists the project.

Casting Director

Scouting talent and helping the talent to excel.

Visit Angel Kaba‘s website for inspiration and contact information.


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  1. Would have been great to see some photos tho!

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