Carolyn Vines wants to know if you are ready for the black and (A)broad challenge. Are you dreaming of a life abroad? Read on and dream no longer.

As a result of my blogging efforts, two beautiful things happened. Firstly, I discovered a remarkable network of black (and international) women. Not only have we rebooted our lives overseas, we’ve also seen, first hand, how that experience has transformed our identity as black women. Much to my surprise – and delight – I’ve found a level of support and understanding that I missed before I left the States.

Secondly, a number of black women have found in my experience something of a resource. Over the years, I’ve received countless questions via email and Facebook about how I became “black and abroad”. Many black women, especially in the USA, have become disillusioned with their lifestyles and are looking globally for their solutions. Their number one question is “what’s it like for a black woman abroad?” followed by “is it something for me?”

My response is always the same: TRAVEL abroad first.

The talk
If I had five euro cents for each time I’ve read, “Oh, I’ve been wanting to travel abroad for so long” accompanied by one of the most disappointing words in the English language – “but…” I could treat my husband to a few dinners at that fancy restaurant that just opened up one village over! Unfortunately, many of these women will focus on the excuses that invariably follow instead of keeping their eyes on the prize: their desire to move beyond the limitations they set on themselves.

The fact is we dream of doing so much in this short lifetime of ours. Sadly, those things that we deem unobtainable are stuffed into the recesses of our inability to even consider the possibilities. Or we place them on the back burner of our busy lives and forget how, if even for a fleeting moment, they burned passionately in our hearts and souls.
The funny part is that sometimes all we need is for someone to take us by the hand and guide us every step of the way until we realize that we can make our own dreams come true.

The walk
I have first-hand experience indulging in a little handholding. During my book-writing process, I hired an editor who would become my coach. At times Jo Parfitt, who is now a publisher in her own right, literally took me by the hand and showed me that I had a compelling story to share. She guided my writing, publishing and marketing efforts. So, I know the value of having someone there to cheer me on and remind me of your commitments. Thanks again, Jo, if you’re reading this, which you’d better be!!!
black and (A)broad was born of my desire to inspire black women to travel. With my story, I wanted to eliminate the excuses many of you ladies have for not taking action today on your travel dreams.

“black and (A)broad” wants to be your travel coach, wants to plan a trip with you, step by step, from figuring out where in the world to go to checking into your accommodation to convincing yourself to get on that plane and come back home.

By the beginning of the summer travel season you’ll be on your way to wherever you’ve spent the year dreaming of and planning to be.

The details
Instead of just reading about my experiences, perspectives and interpretations of overseas living/travel, you’ll hear from the ladies that form the network I mentioned at the beginning of this note. “black and (A)broad” will be chock-full of interviews, stories and tips on the best travel deals, what to watch out for if traveling alone, what people in particular countries really think of black women and much more.

Listen to part one of Carolyn’s interview with the Black Women in Europe Blog founder in her black and (A)broad, too series.

Listen to part tow of Carolyn’s interview with the Black Women in Europe Blog founder in her black and (A)broad, too series.

The women in my network live and travel abroad for various reasons. Some are, like me, love-pats, some travel for business reasons and others have family connections abroad. I’ve met women who prefer to travel alone and those who are experts in the art of organized travel vacations. Some ladies travel in style and some are always on the look out for special holidays for all the family. Whatever your style, someone will be on hand to offer up their knowledge and experience.

The challenge
I’m offering you a challenge: to make overseas travel a top priority and commit to planning your dream trip. You have me for one year. No excuses. Just do it!

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