Black Women in Europe

Bernardine Evaristo is the 1st Black Woman to win the Booker Prize, but there’s more.

Bernardine Evaristo pictured on the right.

She shared the prize, the first time this has ever happened with another writer. Read the Guardian story to see why this is controversial. Bernardine has written 8 novels and won the Booker Prize for her novel Girl, Woman, Other: A Novel.

She is the first black woman to receive this accolade since the prize was founded in 1969.

The Guardian has written loads about Bernadine. In one article she is quoted saying,

These are unprecedented times for black female writers‘.

Read the full article from this link.

Speaking on where she grew up near London she recounts,

We weren’t allowed to play outside‘.

Read the full article from this link.

Bernardine Evaristo: The Waterstones Interview – Booker Prize 2019 Winner

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