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Cyndee Peters is a wonderful singer and artist…ask almost any Swede. Her legendary career reflects a remarkable and very personal journey from proud origins in North Carolina, to New York City where as a teenager her talents were nurtured, and ultimately led to her worldwide career. And although it was never her intention to become an artist, having received a degree in sociology, she has gone on to perform for both the Royal Family of Sweden and for Pope John Paul II. For Nobel Prize recipients Toni Morrison and Nelson Mandela, heads of state as well as countless others in concert halls, theaters, churches and arenas.

In Sweden, her name is a household word, frequently used in crossword puzzles. Her concerts are usually full to overflowing and she is a regular guest on both television and radio. She is literally known and loved by millions and has to date taught more than 70,000 Swedes, Danes, Finns, Norwegians, Italians, Faroe-Islanders, Dutchmen, Australians and Germans to sing gospel and spirituals.


Her legendary choir project “Black People’s Music” which began in 1972 has come to have its own special place in Swedish musical history. What sets her music apart is a powerful spirituality, a sense of purpose that listeners hear immediately. Her lovely voice conveys both power and tenderness, wisdom and love.

In February ‘99 she received the Key to the City from her hometown of Granite Falls, North Carolina and in March that same year was given the honor to once again perform for former President Nelson Mandela at a State banquet held by the King and Queen of Sweden.

Her performance at the Cognac Blues and Jazz Festival had thousands of Frenchmen on their feet asking for more, even after three encores. On January 5th,2004 Ms. Peters became an honorary member of Sweden’s prestigious Vasaordern.

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