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Between 2 Races is written by Tammy Lisa Carmen. Here is her bio:

Daughter of Ernest StClair a Former US Soldier, and Erika Wittner whom was German. Both of whom passed away several years ago. Tammy was born and raised in Germany. She was married in her early 20s, and had two daughters, and is now the proud grandmother to two beautiful grandchildren

After the death of her mother, she decided to go to the US to meet her father in person. She started traveling back and forth to visit him in the US. Years after her divorce, she decided to take a different route in life, and left Germany to settle down in the US, mainly to become much closer to certain family members in the US; but also to move forward with her life long dream of becoming a successful writer. Over the years, she never really talked about her silent war she went thru growing up as a bi-racial child. Until she realized that her story might benefit others that have been through or still facing similar issues in life.

Visit Tammy’s website to learn more about her book.

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