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Black Business Women in the Netherlands (ZZVN) Annual Awards Gala


On January the 12th 2004 the business club Black Business Women in the Netherlands (ZZVN), was established to give the entrepreneurship of black women a new impulse. The establishment had a reliable preparation, because of the continually increasing demand of entrepreneur to a congenial platform The ZZVN is already active for more than 9 years in the Netherlands, as a part of the European Federation Black Business Owners (EFBWBO). The election of the Dutch Black Business Woman is one of its highlights. As from 1997 a Dutch Black Business Woman has been appointed. With a network database of more than 5,000 members, both the ZZVN and EFBWBO try to meet up with the European developments, with the objective to organise the black business women, to realise knowledge exchange and economical growth in the Netherlands.


Contact ZZVN for more information on this year’s October Gala.

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