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I will stand on my soapbox and testify to deep conditioners. I have been doing my hair since I was 9 years old and I have this Sunday ritual of letting the deep conditioner sit in my hair. It forces you to slow down when you sit under a dryer or use steam to help the conditioner penetrate. The added benefit of using conditioners is that it makes the hair so much easier to comb.

Now when it comes to deep conditioners, not all are created equal. Some products have just fillers. You pay for the fancy packaging or slick tv commercial. The comb should go easily through the hair after the use of a deep conditioner. I will give you some of my favorite tips.

Make sure that you have separated your hair into sections and that the conditioner is completely combed through. First use your fingers to comb the conditioner through.

If you are sitting under a dryer, use a plastic conditioning cap for extra conditioning.

Do not forget to apply enough conditioner to your ends.

If you are having trouble getting through your hair, it may be a sign that it is time to trim your ends.

Gently comb the conditioner through your hair, hold the hair in your hand and begin from ends to root.

Give yourself anyway from 15 minutes to an hour with a deep conditioning treatment.

Rinse with cool water.

These tips apply to you whether you have relaxed or natural hair. Hair breakage is not normal and if you can stop the breakage you can maintain and grow your hair length, if that is what you desire.

Now here are some hot deep conditioners that I can barely keep in stock due to their demand.

HPO Spa Hair Conditioner

Curl Junkie Curl Rehab

For more deep conditioners please visit our link to the deep conditioners on out website:
Click here to go to the deep conditioners on the Mariposa Import site

Love your Hair!

Mariposa Import

Lori van Echtelt

Lori van Echtelt is the owner and founder of Mariposa Imports (MI), based in the Netherlands. She was on the Black Women in Europe™ 2010 Power List. Mariposa Import started in February 2004. It is the first and original shop focused on curly and frizzy hair in Western Europe. MI specializes in unique, high quality, hair and skin products from America and Afrika. We only sell products we ourselves use. The products we sell do not contain mineral oil or petrolatum, ingredients which block moisture absorption by the hair. We select products is based on our personal experience and that of our friends.

Mariposa Imports

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