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  1. Always to nice to meet you and a warm thanks, Adrianne, for sharing this incredible piece of black european history with others sisters that could not attend.

    Please, please, take time to see Yvette Jarvis video: she analyzed the black european siutation, with a spefic focus on countries like France.

    We need all of you to make things change in day to day life, in a positive way: Let's go straight forward, and together let's fight for the respect of our rights!

  2. I'm so glad that you were able to attend Sandrine. And I'm also glad that you met some other French sisters. I hpe you all can stay in touch and do some good work getting other French sisters involved in the BEWC.

  3. Wow, who selected that breezy piece of jazz as a fabulous soundtrack to the slide show?? Adrianne are you a film director in addition to being a journalist??I was wondering when the next Streisand was going to appear, I guess that it's you.

  4. Angela, you're looking great in all the photos I've seen, as usual.

  5. Thanks for this videos, they are great

  6. Thanks for this videos, they are great

  7. I m gla I was able to share this important video.

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