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Despite technology improving and standards of living increasing over the years, certain socio-political divides have worsened with various tensions between ethnic backgrounds getting worse, particularly in America. Moving away from all that, however it can be good to focus on the positive, with Europe across the board being a much more accepting mix of countries. We have outlined below the best countries to go to in Europe.


While it may be more expensive than most alternatives it does have a pleasant experience with foreign visitors being greeted with kindness and generous hospitality regardless of the colour of their skin. Be sure to visit the stunning geological and natural features such as the Matterhorn, Switzerland’s iconic pointed peak that is one of the highest mountains in the Alps. Similarly Interlaken between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz is one of Switzerland’s most popular summer holiday resorts with gorgeous flower gardens, hotels and cafes surrounding the Höheweg, the main boulevard through the town featuring incredible mountain views.


unusual travel

While it may have a bad reputation and is sometimes looked down upon by other European neighbors, the local populace are very welcoming and friendly to visitors of all colours and in addition to its reputation for supernatural horror with Transylvanian vampires lurking around every corner. While Romania does have a number of medieval castles, it is also abundant in picturesque alpine scenery. Why not take a trip back through time on the Vaser Valley Forestry Railway, which takes you through forests of the Carpathian Mountains on a steam-powered train. If trains aren’t your thing, you can always check out Poiana Brasov: Romania’s most popular ski resort that draws skiers from all across Europe and hosts a combined 25 km (15 miles) of ski runs.


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Another laid back and friendly European country: Slovenia features countless geographical wonders such as Soca Valley with emerald green water captivating and enchanting you while you choose to indulge in a spot of white water rafting or  kayaking. For those who prefer a more subdued expedition there are literally hundred of kilometers of pristine countryside to amble through. You could also take a trip to the Slovene Coast and discover Piran, a quiet little town with stunning Venetian style housing and narrow laneways to explore.


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Croatia is home to a stunning stretch of coastline much to the envy of the rest of Europe in addition to towns and cities stacked with the remains of Roman and Venetian times. If you’re looking for somewhere scenic to unwind, then Mijet is the place. Just off the coast of Southern Croatia this Island boasts copious amounts of forest, with vineyards, salt lakes and monasteries dotted about in between.

In conclusion this list is by no means exhaustive with lots of other European countries such as Italy, Spain and others worth visiting. Should you need a break from all the travel and fancy a bit of fun, you could check out the famous online gambling casino,666 Casino which boasts hundred of fun and exciting new uk slot games to get stuck in to.

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  1. Hahaha, nice post, Slovenia is a good country to visit in Europe people are so cool and nice to us, the rates of everything in there are cheaper and I must say this might be the top of the list if one ever visit Slovenia.

  2. The perfect list would love to follow every inch of it. I´m a wanderer myself and I could put quite a few check marks to some from these lists and still willing to see more and more. So happy traveling to all of us!

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