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Black German Cultural Society – Rosemarie Pena – Exploring her German roots from the US

Black German Cultural Society

Rosemarie Pena
Rosemarie Pena, President, Black German Cultural Society

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop a community for Black Germans living in the United States of America and in Germany in order to create a forum for their cultural heritage. The purpose of the society is to bring together Black Germans to establish and foster relationships to discuss and carry out research on basic issues and questions of their cultural heritage that include:

• How we want to identify ourselves as Black Germans, individually and as a group within German and American communities,

• How we can educate others and expose them to the Black German community and culture,

• How we can strengthen our Black German community and continue to build upon relationships with the African American community and other groups who are working to eradicate racism and improve opportunities for all people of color.

Family Search & Reunification

Many Black Germans are still searching for their families both in the United States & in Germany. This is a critical issue both for “Brown Babies” who may stiil be seeking to find their identities and other Black Germans who are seeking their Absent Fathers.

Our Search Consultant provides assistance to our community and is often able to reunite families successfully. Others have searched on their own with success, while others are still searching.

Although not all searches end in happily ever after scenarios, the knowledge of one’s identity ends a lifetime of searching, fills the void and inevitably is healing.

Visit the Black German Cultural Society for more information.

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  1. Are you an Black German ? why did you move from the original site ? what are you up too Pena lady ? 

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