The inspiration behind this unique, ethical & exciting enterprise is pioneering businesswoman – Dounne Alexander MBE (61), whose Afro-Caribbean ancestry respected, embraced and looked to ‘natural foods, traditional folklore herbalisim, spirituality & self-healing’ to maintain life long health. In 1987, Dounne decided to follow in their footsteps and created GRAMMA’S to specialize in manufacturing premium quality, Traditional Herbal Foods – based on their ancient principle that ‘Natural Foods were meant to Feed & Heal’.


The first to integrate ‘natural foods with medicinal & culinary herbs’ for optimum / sustainable health, Gramma’s exclusive product range… aids digestion; cleans, nourishes & alkalizes the blood, boosts immunity, improves energy and circulation, plus enhances overall ‘whole-body’ health. Exuding an explosion of deliciously rich aromas and flavours, which has become the distinctive hallmark of GRAMMA’S.

Read Dounne’s book: A Mission of Love

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  1. Thanks for sharing her book. I am going to check it out. She seems so down to earth.

    – Masha :: 🙂

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