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Black Girl On Mars’ Bandit Queen Press – the story behind the press and your chance to win a book

Bandit Queen Press is a movement paying tribute to the word publishing : to make public; and to creative sovereignty.

Bandit Queen Press

BWIE: When did you start Bandit Queen Press?

BGOM: I started Bandit Queen Press in 2007 after I wrote a collection of poetry entitled The Organist’s Daughter. Having many years experience in New York City publishing, I knew that I wanted to shepherd my book through every stage of the production: from conceiving, writing, printing, promoting to distribution. This I felt, would maintain the integrity of the book.

BWIE: What is the essence of Bandit Queen Press?

BGOM: Combining my words with what I believe to be the souls of trees: paper; I created literal works of art that honor the integral energy in the experience of creation. Each book becomes a virtual call and response between its contents and materials available.

Bandit Queen Press

BWIE: What is Bandit Queen Press’ vision?

BGOM: My vision for Bandit Queen Press is to continue to explore the role of myself as the autodidactic creator.

A bandit queen press publication inspires time: sometimes being creative means being bandit!
Money: it matters not what one’s resources are. Creativity is limitless.
and dreams: realize your dream!

Black Girl on Mars

Bandit Queen Press means live life beyond survival mode.

For a chance to win a book from Bandit Queen Press answer the following question here in the comments or via email to

Has poetry changed your life? If so, how?

Good luck!

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  1. I am pleased to announce Ann as the winner of a book of poetry from Bandit Queen. Here is her winning response:

    Poetry has changed my life in simple ways, but it has been reflected in my entire life. Poetry makes you think as you try to figure out what exactly the author is referring to and how you judge and evaluate the words are often an expression of your life experiences. Poetry makes you think of others and gives you an insight into yourself. As a child I was selected to read a poem in front of my school and from then I was often selected to read at various functions, till I read a poem in front of the president of my island country.I had always loved reading from young. By the time I was 10, I had even read my Mom’s Complete Works of Shakespeare college book. In university taking english literature classes, my professor wanted me to change my major to literature, but I didn’t see what future I had with this major; but I had thousands of books by the time I was 30 and even started a book lending club. My love of poetry and reading led me to accept a first date when I heard he was an author and that’s how I met my husband.I am still happiest reading a good book in this world with so much technology and I think it all started with a poem.

  2. Congratulations Ann! I loved your response & look forward to receiving your address so I can pop your prize in the mail! All the way from Copenhagen!

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