Blackgirl on Mars

Lesley-Ann is a friend I’m proud of. She is someone who organized a picnic for me so I could meet other black women in Copenhagen. I’ll always remember that joyful day. That feeling when black women get together in the spirit of basking in each other’s glow.
So I’m basking in the glow of Lesley-Anne’s second book and I hope you will too because your summer reading list is incomplete if you don’t have Lesley-Ann’s Black Girl on Mars included. Pick it up here.
Blackgirl on Mars

Blackgirl on Mars is a radical memoir that chronicles author, educator, and activist Lesley-Ann Brown’s two years’ worth of travel searching for “home”.

As she travels across the US during the Black Lives Matter protests and Covid-19 pandemic and then to Trinidad and Tobago to attend the funeral of her grandmother, Brown tells her own life-story, as well as writing about race, gender, sexuality, and education, and ideas of home, family, and healing.

Both a radical political manifesto and a moving memoir about finding your place in the world, Blackgirl on Mars is about what it means to be a Black and Indigenous woman in Europe and the Americas in the twenty-first century.

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