Grow African Hail Long

We are sisters Jo & Eva born and raised in Kenya.Most afro haired women grOw up believing our hair type cannot grow as long as Asian or Caucasian,we did too!How terribly wrong we all were!The turning point came when we were taken in by the afro hair ‘revolution’ going on in the USA and some parts of Europe where women of colour are growing their hairs to unimaginable lengths!After research & practise,We Saw awesome results and ever since we began,we have never looked back.What we are and have been doing is so easy …we just had to share!! we started the Social networking site where afro haired women mainly Africans are joining day and night for free to learn about proper hair care and interact with others…. We also decided to document out Healthy Hair Journeys on a blog so we can keep track of our Progresses


Visit the Grow African Hair Long blog.

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