Ever wonder what it is like to live in Italy? Shelby did, and moved to Firenze from New York City to find out. You can find out too by reading her blog:

My adventure journal from NYC to Italia… join me! Oh… and I love comments, so please leave yours!

Previous entries in the series:

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  1. nyc/caribbean ragazza

    I just moved to Italy two weeks ago and enjoy reading Shelby’s blog.

  2. Black Women in Europe

    I hope you’ll enjoy living in Italy! I invite you to join the Black Women in Europe social network:

  3. alicia griffin

    I am very happy in connecting with you.
    los angeles, ca

  4. It’s good that you’re here Alicia!

  5. alicia griffin

    i am just really overwhelmed that I have discovered a connection with other black women who are living/working in Europe. By joining the black women in europe network gives so much needed encouragement…..particularly to those of us who wish to travel and live abroad…… and the special Beat goes on!!!!!!

  6. Alicia, I am so glad that you are here!!!!!!!! Welcome. Hugs from Sweden.

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