Hi, I am Zara Chiron ……

IMG_2832 - Copy
Zest for Life.

Passion for Art, Culture, Languages and the Human experience.
Purpose for days…!
Interested in all things related to African Diaspora.

Lived on 3 continents and in 4 countries.
Speak English, French, Pidgin, (dreadfully broken) Igbo and am currently (struggling) to perfect my conversational Spanish.

My vision is to help develop a PanAfrican continent through artistic expression and conscious business development.

I intend to launch my own production company in the next two years-
But before then, I still have loads of ground work to do!

…..hence my current endeavour:

SEO Content Marketing & Community Management as an intern between France & Spain.
I write, I create, I network,  – via UniSpain.

Care to join me as I embark upon my European Adventure?…

Visit Zara’s website.

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