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Black Women in Europe Power Lister is YoungProGlobal’s New International Director

YoungProGlobal (YPG) is a global professional networking organization that provides experiences of professional, social and development engagements for our members and their communities.

Yana Johnson, MBE

During the week of February 20, 2011, YPG had the pleasure of hosting Yana Johnson, MBE (Member of the British Empire) founder and Director of Yana Cosmetics Ltd. in the US. She has delivered excellence in services to the Cosmetics Industry for over 10 years. Yana Cosmetics Ltd is London’s leading brand for diversity, helping women to feel good about themselves. Yana specializes in diversity by demonstrating suitable makeup to women and empowering them through positive and inspirational sessions. This was Yana’s first trip to the US as YPG’s International Director.

The future for YoungProGlobal is very bright considering that everyone that I have met has a passion and interest to think bigger than their immediate environments. When I consider what will be achieved through International networking, I am extremely excited. This is my passion and as the International Director my aim is to grow this experience and expand in the UK. It’s time we all grow. There is value, there is enrichment, and there is so much fulfillment waiting for each of us who chooses to become involved.

I am excited as we begin to unfold plans to facilitate events in London and I know that we will be looking forward to hosting you and the value and impact will definitely be felt by all.

” – Yana Johnson, MBE

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