Dr. Wells leads by example. She approaches the speaker’s podium with a background of public presentations at scientific congresses and workshops in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. She has provided guided walks and presentations to students from schools such as Syracuse University, Stanford University, and Rice University for the past ten years, teaching about the history and culture of France through the contributions of African-American and other African Diaspora expats. She presents clearly and concisely, with a relaxed and open style that draws in her audiences.

Monique Wells

Dr. Monique Y. Wells is a native of Houston, Texas and an 18-year resident of Paris, France. She has followed an unusual career path since leaving home at age sixteen to become one of the youngest students to attend the University of Pennsylvania. Finishing her undergraduate curriculum at the age of twenty, she was admitted to Penn’s Veterinary School, completing the curriculum by the age of twenty-four. Dr. Wells proceeded directly to graduate school at The Ohio State University, earning a Master’s degree in veterinary pathobiology at the age of twenty-eight. She worked in her chosen field in corporate America for two years before realizing her dream of moving to Paris, France in 1992. She now lives in the city’s famous Latin Quarter.

After working in corporate France for nine years with such companies as L’Oréal, Dr. Wells launched a consulting business in preclinical safety assessment. During this time, she and her husband created a travel-planning service called Discover Paris! The couple’s passion for the City of Light inspired them to write – they produce detailed, customized itineraries for clients, newsletter articles and blogs for Discover Paris!; books; and freelance articles for print and Web publications.

As an African American woman living in France, Wells is fascinated by the many contributions of African Americans to the history and culture there. Her interest in African Diaspora history and culture in Paris led her to create Discover Paris!’ Entrée to Black Paris™ Afrocentric walks and activities. It also inspired her to found the French non-profit association called Les Amis de Beauford Delaney, which recently achieved its principal goal of placing a tombstone at the unmarked grave of painter Beauford Delaney.

Dr. Wells developed an active interest in the theory and practice of time management when she found herself managing not only her consulting business in preclinical safety assessment; but also the editing of her travel-planning service’s monthly newsletter, blog, and weekly restaurant review; and the promotion of her husband’s book. The fear of being trapped in a social media “time sink” while using this powerful platform to
promote the travel business and the book forced her to hone her time management skills. She now provides time management training and coaching that focuses on elements identified through surveys as being problematic for specific industries, and has recently polled college students to determine what their needs are in this arena.

Wells is a “Certified Success Coach™” (Prime-Time Business Institute, Inc). Her article entitled “Time Management for Preclinical Safety Professionals” has been published in the peer-reviewed scientific publication Toxicologic Pathology, and her “Time Management for Travel Professionals” article has been published in the September/October 2010, Black Meetings and Tourism Magazine.

How to meet Dr. Wells:

Call or email for availability and booking information. Shelley Bradford-Bell, SBB Global Communications Inc.
(415) 508-3775 or (800) 605-3790 or
reach us on Skype at shelley.bell

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