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Stockholm, SWE February 11, 2009 – BlackExpat.com is revealing a new look. The online magazine, which unites Black Expats around the world, has been redesigned and revamped for an enhanced reading experience ahead of the release of its second issue.

"I think that your first issue was both educational and much needed. I look forward to your second addition", says reader Ilyaasah El. "Any and all information that you can provide will be greatly appreciated".

Internationally renowned artist and designer Mark Derek McCullough joins the BlackExpat.com team in the role of creative director. A long time Expat, who recently returned to Los Angeles, McCullough brings world class web design to the project. "I believe that first class material should have the same high caliber of presentation", he explains. "The face and interface of BlackExpat.com is just as important as its content." He adds, "with my own Expat experience it seemed only natural to get involved with the site. The net has shrunk the world so much, giving an easy interchange of information; our site will grow, serving as an invaluable Black Expat global knowledge base."

Created by Reggie Smith, a former Expat in China, BlackExpat.com has grown its readership base by filling a niche. "The trends of globalization have made intercultural exchange and movement essential and many people of all colors are realizing this. Though Black expats face the same challenges and problems as all expats, their small numbers and sometimes special situations have made many people clamor for such a resource as Black Expat.com."

The future looks bright for BlackExpat.com with new articles to be released each quarter and additional tools introduced on the website including a question and answer section powered by user generated information.

BlackExpat.com is building a community around the Expat life that is often only understood by other Expats. By peering into the lives of other Expats, past and present, BlackExpat.com aims to be a source of information coupled with inspiration for future Expats as well.

"I lived in London and Brussels before moving to Sweden and know firsthand how difficult it can be for an outsider to fit into a new country," says Adrianne George, BlackExpat.com co-editor. "The Internet is a great resource to find information. I strive to make BlackExpat.com a survival guide through example."

Contact: Reginald Smith and Adrianne George editor@blackexpat.com

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