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Hello to Everyone at Black Women in Europe

Greetings from London.

Ivanovella is a new Ebook website platform for new and aspiring writers.

We accept submissions in various genres, including history, thriller, poetry, horror, romance, sci-fi, paranormal, and erotica. We also accept children’s fiction and non-fiction.

Are you a new writer looking for a additional market? Or seeking a fresh platform from which to show case your work? Our members range across a broad spectrum and write in equally wide genres.

If you have knowledge in a particular field, then why not share it? Our reader members are always in search of new information and you can use our forums to help build your fanbase. Drop by to take a peek at some of our very thought provoking books or click on one of the covers above and enrich your knowledge with the IvaNovella Library and Classic Collection.

Take a tour today and see what we have to offer.



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