From Lori van Echtelt in the Netherlands

The two are interconnected. Sometimes a change in your hair texture or the amount of  hair loss is the first symptom that something is wrong in your body. That is one of the reasons to pay attention to your hair. It can give you invaluable clues over your health.

I have been plagued with allergies since my 20’s. I later developed asthma. I stopped smoking but the allergies still continued. I came to accept it as a way of life.

Fast forward 20 years later, my sinus problems, allergy problems, and more health issues began to arise. I changed over to a vegetarian diet, thinking that was the solution. The health problems continued so I started to consume meat again. My blood levels showed that I was deficient in many key vitamins.

I changed over to organic meat and vegetables. I started to feel somewhat better but I still felt something was wrong. In fact I knew something was wrong. My stomach was always extended. My skin was not glowing. I felt tired no matter how much sleep I got. I started to get tingling feelings in my hands and feet that were excruciating. This confirmed that something was seriously wrong. Also my hair was not growing as fast as it normally does. My hair looked great but I was aware that the growth of my hair had slowed down. The same with my body, I could not seem to shake the weight off.

I decided to try to go gluten free. It was very hard in the beginning because there are so many food products that contain gluten. I had to read every single label. I started to notice that I wasn’t sneezing all the time. The first time in over 20 years. My skin started to clear up. The tingling in my hands and feet was reduced. My hair started growing at the normal rate. I had taken a picture of myself and I could not believe what I saw. I looked alive. People who have seen me, asked me what was I doing; that I looked great. I tell them that I have been juicing and avoiding gluten. I knew I was lactose intolerant but it never occurred to me that I had a gluten sensitivity.

As I did more research, I found out that gluten is responsible for 265 symptoms; such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Also the testing for gluten sensitivity or celiac disease has not been standardized. Celiac disease is when all the villi has been damaged and this is confirmed by a biopsy.  It makes sense not to wait. Some say , “well my ancestors ate bread and there was nothing wrong.” There is 50% more gluten in the wheat, rye and barley products that we consume today.

With the hair products that I use from Mariposa Import and a modified diet, my hair length is to the middle of my back. I had to share this personal story with you.

So please take a look at your diet. Try going without food that contains gluten and see how you feel.

You can have the best hair products in the world but if your diet is deficient, it will show up in your hair.

Now for the product feature of the month:

Bee Mine Curly Hold Butter

Bee Mine

The Bee Mine Curly Hold Butter gives you great shiny curls without a stiff feeling. It is 100% natural so you can also use it on kids hair. Great for also smoothing down the hair line or creating twists and braids.

Love Your Hair!


Mariposa Import

Lori van Echtelt

Lori van Echtelt is the owner and founder of Mariposa Imports (MI), based in the Netherlands. She was on the Black Women in Europe™ 2010 Power List. Mariposa Import started in February 2004. It is the first and original shop focused on curly and frizzy hair in Western Europe. MI specializes in unique, high quality, hair and skin products from America and Afrika. We only sell products we ourselves use. The products we sell do not contain mineral oil or petrolatum, ingredients which block moisture absorption by the hair. We select products is based on our personal experience and that of our friends.

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