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Book at Lunchtime: Great Zimbabwe – Reclaiming a ‘Confiscated’ Past

Wednesday 4 May 2022, 1pm – 2pm (BST) Seminar Room, Radcliffe Humanities Building, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, Woodstock Rd, Oxford, OX2 6GG

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Join us for a TORCH Book at Lunchtime on Great Zimbabwe: Reclaiming a ‘Confiscated’ Past by Professor Shadreck Chirikure.

Book at Lunchtime is a series of bite-sized book discussions held during term-time, with commentators from a range of disciplines. The events are free to attend and open to all.

About the book:

Conditioned by local ways of knowing and doing, Great Zimbabwe develops a new interpretation of the famous World Heritage site of Great Zimbabwe.

It combines archaeological knowledge, including recent material from the author’s excavations, with native concepts and philosophies. Working from a large data set has made it possible, for the first time, to develop an archaeology of Great Zimbabwe that is informed by finds and observations from the entire site and wider landscape. In so doing, the book strongly contributes towards decolonising African and world archaeology. Written in an accessible manner, the book is aimed at undergraduate students, graduate students, and practicing archaeologists both in Africa and across the globe.

The book will also make contributions to the broader field such as African Studies, African History, and World Archaeology through its emphasis on developing synergies between local ways of knowing and the archaeology.


Professor Shadreck Chirikure (Archaeology)

Professor William Beinart (Area Studies)

Professor Jocelyn Alexander (International Development)

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